When you’re swamped with tasks to complete in a short time, what do you do?

Do you panic or do you suddenly get the superpower to glide through your tasks like a walk in the park?

If your answer is the latter then, well, you’re all set. However, for the rest of us, the first option is the one that suits the best.

We panic, we stress out when we’re dumped with a shitload of tasks to complete in a day or in an hour.

What to do then?

Make your casualty list.

What is a casualty list?

It’s a list of tasks that you can’t do or choose not to do within the given time period.

Making a casualty list helps because sometimes it’s impossible to check off all of your pending tasks at a given time. You have to sacrifice some to complete the ones that are your top priority.

The ones you sacrifice gets transferred to your casualty list.

Try it.

When you’re overwhelmed with tasks at hand, try making a casualty list. It’ll help you remain sane.