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Consequences of doing things the last minute

We generally enjoy procrastinating on any task that we have to do. It happens to the best of us. 

When procrastination becomes a habit it makes us keep every task undone until the last moment. This isn't a very constructive habit.

You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.
— Benjamin Franklin

Take the situation I faced today, as an example:

Confident that I'll make it to the airport on time, I left my home late. In my calculation, I was right. I should've been at the airport 30 mins earlier. What I didn't anticipate is that a chunk of the road was under construction.

On my way, I got stuck behind a convoy of cars.

As a result, I made it to the airport barely on time only to receive another surprise.

I generally take a print out of my boarding and go straight to the check-in. This time, however, I decided to take a print out from the kiosk available there.

Call it tough luck, being too late, the kiosk had stopped issuing passes for my flight. I had no other option than to stand in a long queue to get my pass.


Trouble didn't end there. After collecting my pass I had to wait in an enormous queue for the security check.

Finally, I entered the aircraft with only 10 mins left to take off.

Had I been somewhat less reluctant to leave my home and left early, I would've saved myself from all these troubles.

The same goes for other tasks. The more we keep things for the last minute, the more are the chances of messing up.

It's like crossing a slippery floor with a lot of manholes to get to the other side. One mistake and you can get sucked into a dark hole.

Get your ass moving and tick off tasks as soon as possible and save yourself from a truckload of hassle.

Deadlines don't mean that you have to do a task at that very moment, the earlier you complete it, the less are your chances to screw up.

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