I tried delegating tasks to freelancers multiple times. It didn’t pan out. That’s why I prefer to do most of the stuff myself.

Why so?

The reason is mainly a lack of budget. Not because I want to slice off expenses for the lion’s share but because I don’t have adequate money to get quality stuff done.

And when you go for cheap alternatives, you’ll almost always receive a poor quality result in return.

I have tried this with writing and designing.

When I felt that I could use an extra hand spinning up blog posts for one of my blogs, I went over to Freelancer and posted a job.

Since my budget was capped to about $30 per article, I received a sub-standard work which I never published.

The time I posted a job for getting a logo designed, I had a similar experience because I constrained the job to a payment of $100.

Quality work requires more effort. More effort equates to more money.

And I’m not in the system of selling a vision or a chunk of my project to someone to get work done for free or peanuts. I believe that talented people should be rewarded handsomely for their work.

That is why, until I accrue enough budget to afford quality work, I’m all into doing stuff myself.

This is the only way I can ensure to have the quality I demand, even if I have to trade in my time to do so.

What about you?