Rahul is a software engineer based in bangalore, india.

this journal is his manifesto to help people tackle everyday hurdles and live better.

Your few

There'll always and only be a handful of people who'll truly support your work and cheer for you all the way.

These are the people who'll not only attend your grand parties but also your funeral if you were to die tomorrow.

These people will stick with you through the thick and thin. They're, however, a very rare commodity.

They're hard to find.

If you're lucky enough to realize that you've found such people, never let them go. Treat them like family even if they aren't a part of your immediate family.

Actually, they're your family. Make them feel at home.

I've found my circle of few. My girlfriend is one of them.

These people are my everlasting source of motivation.

Have you found yours yet?

Yes? Great, hold on to them.

No? Keep looking.

Most people will attend your grand parties but a very few will come to your funeral. Find those few.

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