Last February, I ranted on this very blog as to why you shouldn’t get a credit card.

Yet, in around the month of November, the financial system convinced me otherwise.

You see, in December, I was about to get married. Weddings are a costly affair. Also, unfortunately, I hadn’t been much of a financial pro in my early days of employment.

TL;DR, I needed a shit ton of money which I didn’t have.

Loans seemed to be my easy way out of this situation. Yet, when I started applying for a loan, nearly every bank showed me the door.


Because I didn’t have any credit score.


Because I never took out any loans and neither did I get a credit card for myself. And long gone are the days where banks examined your earning records and took a leap on loading you with money.

It’s all numbers now.

Kind of funny that I used to get calls from bank executives all year long to apply for a loan. When I actually did, they were like, “Yeah, whatever! 😏”

Poor me.

After a month of running around and stressful nights, one of the banks decided to loan me the amount anyways. +1 to ICICI Bank. 🏦


After this delightfully painful experience, regardless of my better judgement, I decided to go for a credit card. The catch here was that I would use it only like a debit card.

I would route most of my monthly expenses through the credit card but have the cash reserved in my bank account to pay the bill on the first day I get the statement.

Chances of misusing a credit card are low if you choose to use it like this. Also, if you have a wife who’s there to spank you in case you start being a bad kid. Thank you, love.💖

Although, I’m yet to find out how well I can handle my shiny new credit card. 😈 Another post on that soon enough (that is if I don’t have to sell this laptop to pay for my credit card bills 😝)

Thank you for reading this post. You’re awesome! 🙌🏻