Having fun

Fun is a very subjective matter. What may be of joy to you might seem boring or a chore to me, and vice-versa.

I’m not a shopaholic, but I do like to browse and buy books. A lot of books, I should say.

Whether it’s just casual browsing on Amazon or actually visiting a bookstore, looking at books always fascinate me. This is an activity that I never get bored of. It also acts as a mood enhancer when I’m feeling down. 😄

People often generalise the idea of having fun to some favourite activities like meeting friends or taking a tour around the city or maybe partying. While this is undoubtedly fun to a lot of people, it isn’t to others.

Just as there’s no handbook of life, there isn’t a template you can pick-up and apply when you feel like the need to have fun.

You have to have a look deep inside your mind, browse through your past memories to identify what you actually enjoy doing.

It can be painting. It can be playing music. It can be watching movies. Just about anything. Whatever makes you happy and doesn’t feel like work to you.

Keep this in mind. A fun activity doesn’t have to be a productive activity.

What’s your idea of really having fun? 😎