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Getting your hands dirty

Trying out new stuff is a long time hobby of mine. Therefore, today, when I was thinking of choosing a blogging platform for my new tech blog, I started exploring options.

Ghost came out to be the winner.

The next step was to set it up. Following my regular process, I opened up my DigitalOcean dashboard and started looking for a One-Click Ghost Installation option. Unsurprisingly, I found one. However, there was a teeny tiny problem.

The server specifications and costs suggested by that One-Click option was double the amount I would have to spend if I were to install the software manually.

Bearing the server costs wasn't a problem. Spending more when I can get the job done for less, was.

Therefore, I decided to get my hands dirty and install the software on my own on a server that costs half the suggested price.

And I did.

You see:

Most of the times we're too lazy to do stuff on our own and are willing to spend extra bucks to get something done. I was about to pay twice the amount of money that I'm paying right now, every single month because I was feeling too lazy to set up the platform myself.

Believe me, it isn't the way to approach problems. Look for the optimal solution.

Also, it wasn't only about saving money. In the process, I got to know some internals of the software. Added bonus, I would say.

Just because you can throw in extra money to get something done doesn't mean you should.

Before shelling out your hard earned cash you should ask yourself whether that extra money is worth spending. Does the time you save by not doing the task yourself benefit you in some way?

If you don't get an immediate yes to these questions, then keep the money in your pocket and do the job yourself.

These tiny habits will save you loads of money in the future. Start now.

When you can save money by getting your hands dirty, by all means, do it.

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