I’ll be honest with you. I had been stuck in a vicious cycle lately.

Building my new product, Airtyper, I’ve found myself getting caught into a deadly loop of indecision. Over and over again.

Stuck in a hamster wheel

It all started with the cloud infrastructure I wanted to lock down for hosting the platform. Should I go with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

There were pros and cons for each. As I kept going deep into a comparison between the two, I ended up being more confused. 😕

Both services are pretty similar in terms of performance and cost. Therefore, there is no concrete deciding factor to choose one over the other. Let’s say if GCP would have been significantly cheaper than AWS then choosing GCP would’ve been a no brainer. But it’s not. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyways, after a week of going back and forth between the services, I finally settled with AWS. I chose AWS because I wanted their Simple Email Service for sending out automated emails.

I had a similar situation choosing a language and framework for developing the platform’s backend.

Should I go with Node/Express or choose Ruby/Rails?

The funny thing is that, even after I developed quite a bit on the backend using Node, I still found myself searching for “Express or Rails”, yesterday.

The cycle keeps on running. It’s like one of those mazes where it’s easy to get in but extremely hard to get out.

To make progress, you’ve got to arrive at a decision fast and stick to it accepting any consequences it might bring down the road. Be confident about your choices.

There’s no point in wasting hours battling two inanimate objects. Each product has its set of selling points. Lock in the option which seems more profitable to you at present.

Future proofing only goes to an extent. Evaluate your current requirements and break out of the deadly loop of indecision. ⤴️

Jumping out of the hamster wheel

Ciao! Thanks for reading this piece. 🙌🏻