Rahul is a software engineer based in bangalore, india.

this journal is his manifesto to help people tackle everyday hurdles and live better.

Know your true worth

In a competitive world like the one we live in, it's pretty easy to underestimate your true value.

One of the key factors in this misjudgment is that people are always trying to cut others down for their own selfish intentions.

Your boss might be undermining you at work to hold off the promotion that you deserve. Your partner might be treating you as someone inferior to him/her to maintain an authority and domination over you.

As more and more people start telling you that you aren't good enough, your confidence level takes a deep dive.

I have seen this happening to myself and to a lot of other people I know. It's a regular thing. Very common.

It doesn't have to be like this, though.

You can overcome this negative feeling by starting to believe in yourself and in your capabilities. By engraving this thought in your head "I'm good enough, I deserve better".

Keep reminding yourself of this idea until it has finally become a part of you. Be a broken record.

There's this one teeny tiny little thing to remember:

Not everyone is trying to cut you down.

There are people who will see your true worth, hold you up to a higher place and treat you the way you should be treated. Your mission is to find these people.

If that means looking out for a new job, then do it. If that means saying goodbye to a toxic person in your life, just do it already.

Until you find that somebody, keep calm and believe in yourself. Trust your abilities. Be confident that you have what it takes to make the world a better place.

Like Andy Dufresne, you have to crawl through a river of shit to come out clean on the other side and see the sun. Just keep crawling until you're there.

You're worth more than you think. Behave accordingly. Have some confidence. People will start to treat you better.

Don't let anyone, I repeat anyone, trick you into thinking that you're worth less than you actually are.

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