I have been laughed at when I was a little boy in school because I wasn’t “smart enough”.

I have been laughed at in my office because I “walked funny”.

I have also been laughed at when I put on my gym vest because I didn’t have humongous muscles to complement that outfit.

People laugh at other people all the time. That’s what makes them feel a little superior and safe when they feel a little threatened by the other’s presence. And, they’ll keep laughing.

They’ll laugh because deep inside they know you’re better than them. They’ll laugh because they just wanna comfort their soul.

Sometimes they’ll laugh right at your face and sometimes, behind your back.

The best thing you can do is to pity them and join the others in laughing. Make yourself the joke. That way you won’t be the subject of their joke anymore.

You can’t laugh at someone who’s already laughing at themselves. A joke doesn’t work that way.

Don’t be discouraged when they laugh at your adversity; instead, smile at them, because through persistence, perseverance and faith, you would be laughing at their surprised faces in the future. EDMOND MBIAKA

That is what I’ve conditioned myself to do over the years. I know people will keep laughing at me and at anything that I do. Does that mean that I should pretend to be someone I’m not?

Absolutely not. I’ll be myself because that’s my true identity.

In a world full of imitators be an original.

Laughing at yourself doesn’t make you inferior or weak but it definitely stops other people from making fun of you.