It’s easier to make a decision when your options are limited.

learned that today.

You see, I had made the habit of reading four or five books in parallel, over the last year. By parallel, I mean switching from one book to another when I get bored with what I’m reading.

This not only resulted in a greater time to finish each book but also overwhelmed me with choices to read.

Therefore, today, when I picked up one of the books that I was reading I didn’t switch to anything else and finished it.

There, that’s one less option to choose from when picking up a book to read.

I’ll still be switching from book to book to preserve variety but will tend to keep my options limited from now on.

When you give people too many choices it makes them hesitate and not buy stuff. GUY KAWASAKI

This applies to every area. When you have or give too many choices to someone, it makes the decision hard to reach.

Because sometimes, less is more.

Too many options will do no good to you, it’ll just increase your time to reach a decision. Limit your options.