Okay, that’s a lot of A’s after a lonely L. But seriously, I’ve been moulding limitations to my advantage since my early high school days.

Lack of abundant pocket money pushed me into exploring freelance writing jobs at some of the leading online magazines back in those days. And boy, I did make some sweet money out of those jobs. It was a big deal to get a $100 paycheque for a 17-year-old dude. 💸

Getting that paycheque

Again, recently, I found myself accidentally discovering a financial management trick by limiting myself to the free version of a very popular expense tracking app.

Full disclosure, I fully support indie devs and small companies by usually paying for software or other services that I find useful. 🙌🏻 This app, however, didn’t appeal to me with their Pro version because I didn’t need what they were offering under a monthly subscription.

Wallet app allows you to manage no more than 2 bank accounts at a time on their free version. Paying a monthly subscription just to add another bank account to the list didn’t make sense to me.

I decided to keep my savings account off the hook for the time being which turned out to be a bloody brilliant money management hack. Since I didn’t get to see how much money I have in my savings account, I was always under the impression that I’m low on funds and needed to spend carefully.

As an indirect result, my savings grew larger and expenses cut off by a reasonable amount. It was like a digital equivalent of putting money in an envelope and tucking it away somewhere safe.

How good is that? 😎

I know this might not be one of the top finance tips but every little bit helps.

Find your limitations. Turn them around into your advantages. Go be creative with your daily life.

And one more thing, thanks for being a lovely audience. 👏🏻