Quite often we listen to another person speaking, just to reply. We wait for the other person to finish or even interrupt them just to state our own point over theirs.

Not only is this disrespectful, but also a sign of being a poor listener.

Listening to someone without any intention or interest results in a low-quality conversation. It’s more or less like two robots talking to each other.

There’s negligible to very less emotion involved in the process.

We are humans, we are emotional beings. We talk to other people to share feelings.

Where’s the feeling part when you’re really not interested in what the other person is saying?

If you really want to have a meaningful conversation, be a better listener. Be interested in hearing the other party out.

The art of conversation lies in listening. MALCOM FORBES

Not only you’ll be able to respond better but also build a sense of trust with the one you’re talking to. This will pave the way for a healthy long-term relationship between you two.

This strategy applies in all cases, regardless of whether the conversation is a personal or business one.

When someone is feeling comfortable in pouring their heart out in front of you, the least you can do is be interested in what they’re saying.

Remember, you’re not an AI chatbot, you’re a human being.

Listening just to reply makes you a selfish asshole. Listening to really understand what the other person is saying makes you a better human.