Even the darkest of the clouds have a silver lining. The same applies to our life.

Whenever you feel trapped in a bitter situation and cry out that your life is a mess, don’t. Try to find the silver lining instead.

What exactly is a silver lining?

It’s a ray of hope.

No matter how bad some situation seems to you, there’s always a bright side of it.

The more efficient you’re in identifying that brighter side over the gloomy one, the calmer you’ll be during the storm.

When darkness falls upon you, turn your face to the sun and your shadows will fall behind you. DANIEL WICOMB

I had an incident recently with my family where I thought that my life is over. However, when I sat down with my parents to resolve the issue, it turned out to be just fine. Also, things eased up.

Here, the bright side was that I had the talk with my parents that was long overdue which in turn eased up certain things for me.

We love to worry and stress out. It’s like a drug.

One of the ways in which you can beat stress and be composed during the tough times is to assure yourself that there’s a silver lining. Maybe you haven’t spotted it yet, but in time, you’ll.

This attitude will keep you strong when you’re about to break down.

I have seen this happen to me multiple times. It works, every time.

Try it out.

The next time you’re stuck in a bad situation, try to look for the bright side. Suddenly, the road ahead you won’t seem so dark.

It’s how we view the world that determines how happy we are. Look through a lens of positivity.

Learn to look for a silver lining in every situation and no situation shall break you down.