Simplicity excels everywhere.

Whether you’re making a new product, or writing an article, or coding something. Anywhere. The best solution to any problem is the one which makes fewer assumptions and decorations.

William of Ockham was credited to have popularized this concept through his principle, Occam’s razor. A rough translation of the same would be:

“More things should not be used than are necessary.”

Yet, in life, we often put too many toppings on everything we do to make them look more appealing.

Adding unnecessary elements to your work doesn’t make it more useful. It makes it cluttered and hard to understand.

Avoid such complications by trimming away the excess fat from your work. Make it simple. Keep only the elements which are necessary to do the job.

Use Occam’s razor.

The best solution to any problem is the one that’s the simplest. Stop complicating your work.