Imperfections are nothing but the petty flaws we seek in people around us to make ourselves feel superior or better.

However, when you start loving someone, those flaws suddenly turn to features that you love about that person.

Their habits, their dressing sense, their way of talking, everything becomes perfect to you.

No one is absolutely perfect. Perfection is truly subjective.

I’m an asshole to someone while perfect to someone else. Many people don’t like me and even make fun of me and my work.

They don’t see the real me and I’m quite happy that only a handful of people will ever get to see my real side. That’s what makes me so damn special to them.

You’re not flawed. You’re perfect. You just need to find that somebody who values you for the person you’re. That someone who penetrates the fog to see the real you.

Also, don’t seek out perfection in people. Seek love and the right person for you.

That’s what truly matters.

You don’t fall in love with someone perfect. You fall in love with someone and make them perfect in your eyes.