An abundance of startup founders these days are under the impression that an illusion of a big fat paycheque is enough to make anyone join their cause.

Well, guess what? It isn’t. 👎🏻

Last Tuesday, I got a similar call from the founder of a new startup here in Bangalore. I ended up saying no to their interview request after the call.

I like the idea of a potentially massive payout in the future. However, I don’t buy the idea of working long hours for a stranger for less money that I’m earning right now just because there might be a reward at the finish line.

Unless you’re my dearest friend or family, I’ll settle for more cash and fewer shares, thank you. 💸

Cash instead of shares

This isn’t the first time I turned down such an offer. I’ve let go of multiple offers in the past for what might be rocketing shares in companies in exchange for cold hard cash.

The prize money is mostly an illusion because half the startup founders don’t know what they’re doing.

If I’m to gamble with my life then I’ll gamble when I’m calling the shots, not someone else. 🎲

What would you do in a similar situation?

Once again, thank you for reading this piece. 🙌🏻