Push notifications were built to alert you to important messages on the go. That was before companies started misusing them for their marketing campaigns.

Push notifications are useful and relevant when they carry important data. They lose their meaning when they’re used to spam the user.

Originated initially on mobile devices they crept up to the browsers as well. It’s like anywhere you go, you’ll get bombarded by shopping offers.

Also, the biggest frustration is everyone wants to send your push notifications.

Assuming that you have at least 20-30 apps on your phone, that’s enough notifications to screw up your productivity.

You what’s the worst part?

This isn’t gonna stop. Companies will keep sending you notifications.

So, what’s the best way to deal with them?

Turn them off.

If an app allows you to opt-out of notifications, do that. Otherwise, the block all notifications for that app on your phone’s system settings.

Keep notifications turned on for stuff that really matters, like email or Slack.

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