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Finishing books faster

A month or two ago, I came across an article by Thomas Oppong featuring tricks on how to read a book a day.

Fascinated by the idea I decided to give it try.

Although, I didn't finish a book a day his advice surely helped me in finishing a book faster than before.

The idea is simple:

“Don’t only read when you have a dedicated time available for reading. Read whenever you’re free, even if that’s for 5 mins.”

Following the advice, I started reading during my lunch time, at night, or between coding breaks.

Right now, I'm 2 books ahead of schedule for my reading goal this year, which is reading 50 books this year.

It's not gonna be easy but definitely worthwhile.

There'll be resistance, you'll forget to read during your breaks, just don't give up.

Read whenever you're free. That's how you can read in flash mode.

Reading is becoming a lost art. Save the thirst of knowledge inside you by reading whenever you can.

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