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Remember emergency contact details by heart

Last night I had a hypothetical situation with my girlfriend where she gets locked out of her apartment late night with no cell phone and money with her.

What would she do? How would she reach me?

Sounds like a plot for a thriller movie, I know.

You see, my girlfriend, occasionally, likes to travel light. By light, I mean really light, no cellphone, no purse.

Last night was such. The only stuff that she carried with herself till she met me was her apartment keys, which went into my jeans pocket the moment we exchanged glances.

Everything seems fine here, until the moment I was about to leave. I forgot to hand her the keys.

I know, I can be an irresponsible boyfriend sometimes.

Nevertheless, she remembered and asked me for the keys. This is when we started to hypothesize about what would happen if she hadn't remembered as well.

She asked:

What should I have done in that situation?

This is indeed a valid question. A terrifying one, actually.

The answer?

Well, I would have got the hint of it when I got back home and emptied my pockets, but what if she had left to meet me by the time I went back to her place?

Communication is the key here.

It's therefore, always a good idea to memorize the contact details of the important people in your life.

I told her that and I'll get her to memorize my cell phone number, eventually. I already remember hers, my parents' and two of my close friends'.

It's damn important.

You see, if you remember your emergency contacts and don't rely on your phone's contact book, you will be insured against these situations.

You can just go to a phone booth or ask someone to lend their phone and call your loved ones for help.

The same goes for other identification details like Passport, PAN, or SSN.

Don't rely on physical or digital stuff to keep all the important information. Your brain has got a lot of storage, use that.

I don't think you will ever go anywhere without your brain. Pun intended.

Remember proper communication can save you from a lot of hassle. Make sure you are able to do that.

Better be safe than sorry.

Amongst all the other things that you need to remember to get your jobs done, emergency contact details are a must.

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