This morning, I got a tweet from a friend @jlelse saying that my website is showing a stupid “Not Found” message.

I was like, what? I didn’t even make a change recently, how did it screw up on its own. 🤯

Opening this site gave me that exact “Not Found” message.

What is happening?

Immediately, my suspicion went over to the hosting company that I was using for my static website, Render. A little emphasis on, I was, because I’m not using their service anymore. 😒

I suppose, my site stopped “Rendering” on Render.

Since moving a static website built using generators like Jekyll, Hugo, etc. is a trivial and fast process these days, I immediately signed up for Netlify and moved my site over there.

Right now, this site is being served by Netlify, and it’s working fine. 😌

The exciting part, however, is this:

I got a reply on my tweet from the founder of Render saying that there has been an IP address change which messed up my website.

I was like, sure, that’s not an issue but why wasn’t I communicated about this change and that it required a manual action from my side.

It was only when my site broke down, I got to know that something’s wrong with the service. Even a friendly heads-up from Render that my site broke would have been helpful.

Communication is key here. If you’re expecting people to use your service and say good things to other people, you got to have their back. 🙌🏻

After this fiasco, I got an email from the founder offering help to get my site back on. I think this was an excellent effort to clean up the mess, but I had already moved my website to another service and not moving back again.

Told him that I’ll consider using Render again in the future just because he made an effort to email me personally if I come up with some additional project.

The thing is:

With plenty of alternative services present for a particular problem these days, it’s all the more easy for consumers to switch boats when they are not treated well.

A valuable point to keep in mind for businesses. 🤔