For quite some time, I started watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother while having lunch at the office. 

It seemed like a good break from all the work and also since I used to read books at night, this was the only time I could fit in a TV show in my schedule.

That was until recently. A few weeks ago I had a change in my routine and I started watching episodes at night. On top of that, I was watching one episode of the sitcom at lunch, as usual.

So, this change in schedule meant more entertainment and less learning for me. It couldn’t go that way. Especially, after I’ve pledged to read at least 50 books this year.

I needed a solution. Surprisingly, it was dead simple.

I stopped watching TV shows during lunch and started reading books. That way, I could still enjoy the episodes at night without skipping on my daily reading habit.

A quick reordering was all that was needed to restore equilibrium.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, try to see if you can accommodate both tasks in your routine by a simple reordering. If not, then choose the one that’s more important to you.

Be smart, do more.

Sometimes reordering your daily routine can rescue you from getting sucked into a bad routine.