“Let’s shift gears and get this done overnight”.

This might be the most destructive statement in the history of getting things done. Yet, this seems like the motto of today’s startups.

Hustling. Burning the midnight oil. Go nuts. All these seemingly encouraging phrases are used by bosses to lure people into getting things done quickly. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Getting stuff done quickly is great. But not at the cost of quality of the product or the health of the people involved.

Let’s talk about quality first. If you’re rushing things down, how will you guarantee that your work is of the best quality you can provide. You’re racing against time to make your product just somehow work.

That’s not quality. That’s just working for the sake of producing something.

Working without producing something meaningful

Coming down to your health. Ask yourself, is it really healthy for you to burn your midnight oil? 🕯

How do you feel when you’ve pushed yourself to the extreme and worked an all-nighter?

Not good, is it?

Even if you feel good because you’ve accomplished your task in record time, you’ll regret in the days to come.

Know your limits and have a balance between your work and your life. Don’t let some guy trick you into being a robot for them.

You’re not a machine. 🤖 Even if you’re told otherwise. You’re a human. Act like one.

Cheers. 🥂 Thanks for reading this piece.