Rahul is a software engineer based in bangalore, india.

this journal is his manifesto to help people tackle everyday hurdles and live better.

The sooner, the better

I had been together with my girlfriend for some time now but she didn't get a chance to meet some of my closest friends until today.

There were mainly 2 reasons behind that:

  • She felt uncomfortable meeting them for the first time
  • When she started feeling a little comfortable and confident, I hesitated because I wanted the meeting to go perfectly

This resulted in an endless state of procrastination, pushing the meeting further and further. That was until yesterday.

She insisted that we hang out today because someday we'll have to meet. The sooner, the better.

She was right.

And so we met. It went pretty great actually. We did grocery shopping together and then had dinner as well.

All the worries that the meeting might go bad and everything were a figment of my imagination. They weren't real.

This is so common in our daily lives. We hold back on stuff worrying what might go wrong.

If you have to do something eventually, why wait?

Do it as soon as possible.

The more you keep delaying on an unavoidable task, the more resistance you accumulate to doing it. Get over with it as soon as possible.


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