There lives a spider in my bathroom. Its glamorous web is stationed right above my washbasin between the wall and the handle of my liquid hand wash.

For days I didn’t notice the web. Neither did I track down the spider. The first day when I took note of this little establishment I immediately splashed it down.

Happy with my little cleaning, I went back feeling accomplished. Little did I know that it wasn’t the end. For this was a tough spider.

As I entered my bathroom the very next day, I found a web identical to the one I had destroyed a day earlier. Same spot. The spider had rebuilt its empire again.

I thought to myself, “Big deal, I’ll splash it again”. So I did, only to find out that the web has been restored the very next day as well.

For days, I kept destroying and the spider kept building. That was until I finally gave up.

The spider’s will to build proved to be greater than my will to destroy. It didn’t give up no matter how many times I wiped out its home.

We humans have a lot to learn from the other species. Let’s keep learning and evolving.