Target” & “Buffering”. I don’t know if these two words make a meaningful definition placed side-by-side but I would like to think they do.

I read a lot of books. While reading for months, I’ve noticed a trait of mine that keeps me turning pages.

Before starting a new chapter, I turn pages, go to the end of the chapter and assess how many pages I’ll have to read to finish it.

This gives me a goal. A target number to chase. 

That is why I came up with the name Target Buffering. You see, I’m buffering the upcoming number of pages in my mind while starting any chapter.

Although some deep readers might argue that this is an unnecessary trick, it works for me.

You see, I’m very impatient. If something goes on for too long, it bores the crap out of me.

Therefore, by keeping that target number in my mind, I keep pushing myself to finish the chapter, constantly reminding myself that there are only X pages left, whenever I start to get bored.

If you’re impatient like me, try this out. I’m sure that it’ll help you finish books faster.

And why just books? It can be applied to anything where you can measure your target.

Give this trick a shot.

Survive boredom and impatience by buffering your target value. Get a number to chase.