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That one reason

Today, I gave a 30mins long lecture about the importance of having a side hustle, at the office. At the end of the talk the most popular question was:

How do you keep yourself motivated to do stuff like that and not just chill out?

I agree that's a valid question.

When you're starting something new out of your comfort zone, there'll be infinite resistance and 99 reasons not to start. However, there'll always be 1 reason that'll make your effort and time seem worthwhile.

Focus on that 1 reason and ignore the 99 others. That's how you stay motivated. That's how you do stuff.

For example, I got plenty of reasons not to write this article today:

  • I've got other things to do.
  • I dunno if anyone will read it and find it useful.
  • I don't have to force myself to do something.

And lot more.

But guess what's my 1 reason to finish writing this article?

It's the commitment I made to publish one article/day throughout this year. And I wanna see the end of the line. That's what keeps me moving through all the bullshit.

Procrastination will always be there. Happens to all of us. What you really have to master is how to keep procrastination at bay.

Focusing on that 1 reason every time you tend to procrastinate, will help you get through all the crap and check off your to-do list.

You either choose to lay on your comfy couch or get moving and do stuff. The former makes you lazier and the latter makes you productive.

Choose wisely.

Focus on the 1 reason which made you even think of doing something in the first place and ignore the 99 others which make you procrastinate.


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