Just a few minutes back I was listening to the 1st episode of Seth Godin’s new podcast called Akimbo.

In that, I came across this new concept called “Eyebrow Test”. Although it wasn’t a part of the main episode, it appeared handy to me.

In simple terms, an eyebrow test asks you to:

Pitch your business idea to someone and just notice their eyebrows while they speak, ignoring absolutely everything that comes out of their mouth.

How does this work?

Depending on the movement of their eyebrows, you can conclude whether they are actually interested in your idea or just handing over a consolation prize to you.

  • Eyebrows go up: They’re genuinely interested in your idea.
  • Eyebrows remain stationery: They don’t give a shit about your idea.
  • Eyebrows go down: They think your idea is very likely to fail.

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

It works because our reactions are generally unconscious and natural. While we speak what we want to, our reactions show what we really feel like. That’s how our body and mind works.

Therefore, this little trick works effortlessly in many cases unless you’ve met a conman.

So, whether you’re selling your next product or looking for valuable feedback, give this handy technique a swirl.

It might do wonders for you.

Start noticing people’s eyebrows when they speak because although their mouth can lie, eyebrows don’t.