Funny how life changes when you grow up.

When you’re a kid, you’re free. Free from stress. Free from duties. Free from any worries about the future. Living in the present.

As you start to become an adult, you start losing these traits. There’s stress. Life becomes fast. Future is something you start planning carefully. The present moment gets lost somewhere in between.

That’s why mindfulness, a concept of being fully present in the current moment, is gaining massive popularity.

I tried mindful meditation, multiple times. It’s hard but definitely possible. Nevertheless, I dropped out of the habit.

But today I had a whole new experience. I felt what being present really means. Being that kid again.

Bangalore is not a very rainy city. When it started raining today, I couldn’t help myself but get wet.

When we are a kid, this is a normal behaviour. Going out when it starts raining and enjoying it like a carefree fool. As we grow up, we start avoiding the rain. We take out our raincoats or an umbrella to protect us from the rain. We stay indoors until the rain clears off.

I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant to go out when it started raining. It was mainly because I might have a fever after I got wet. Or maybe because it’ll be a hassle to roam around in wet clothes.

“Amidst all resistance, I still found the intention to step out.”

It was amazing. Feeling the raindrops, feeling the chilly winds. I felt like that kid again. No worries. Nothing to think of except enjoy what’s right in front of me.

I felt so relaxed. Now that is what truly being in the present feels like.

You see, nature has everything you need to be mindful. You don’t need a fancy tool to get you to do that. 

Just go out there in the wild and stay in the moment. Clear off your mind. It won’t be easy but definitely possible.

Be that kid again.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, we grew up from a carefree kid to a stressed-out adult. Be that kid again.