Our life is full of leaky faucets.


Remember all the time, money and effort you’ve wasted unknowingly.

Yes, those are the leaks in your life. Even worse, there is a 99% chance that you’re still letting your life slip away due to a leak.

Too much of jargon? In simpler words:

Remember all the time you’ve wasted on doing or thinking about stuff that didn’t matter to you.

Remember all the money you’ve spent to impress people who didn’t matter to you.

Remember all the effort you’ve wasted helping someone who turned out to be ungrateful.

You’ve got to stop doing these. The sooner, the better.

Identify those leaky faucets in your life, be it mental, financial, or social and fix them.

You’re granted your life in a limited quantity, don’t let it go to waste by being oblivious to a common problem.

Stop letting your elixir of life drip away by fixing the leaky faucets in your life.