Rahul is a software engineer based in bangalore, india.

this journal is his manifesto to help people tackle everyday hurdles and live better.

Things work out when you expect the least

We tend to overthink when we are expecting something to happen.

We go through numerous scenarios in our mind where we might fail or things don't pan out quite the way we expect them to. 

What's the most obvious thing to do at that moment? 

Stress out, panic, and be convinced that your life is a mess

You're not alone, no one's got everything sorted out. People fail. Expectations do not meet. Things don't turn out good. 

This is life. It is not fair. It was never meant to be. 

Instead of rambling on "Oh God, why me?", stop giving a fuck about what you can't do and focus on the things that you can do at the moment and make the best out of every situation. 

Funny enough but sometimes you might see that things work out on their own when you stop thinking about them too much and just do your work. 

Happened to me, to a lot of my friends as well. I guess a lot of self-help gurus will agree. 

My friend got a MacBook as a gift, today, when she needed it the most but expected the least. 

You might not always find someone generous enough to gift you a MacBook, but if you stop giving a fuck about all the obstacles that are in your way and try to make your way through them with what is currently at your disposal, life will be a lot easier and fun.

Stop nagging about all the things that you don't have and do what you can do with all the things that you currently have. 

Just be yourself

Change is around the corner