In computer terminology, tree shaking means eliminating unused code from the production-ready package that you create for your product.

Although it’s a term that is widely used in computer programming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the philosophy can’t be applied to real life.

How do you tree shake your life? 🌲

There are numerous ways to make your life minimal and clutter free using the method of tree shaking:

  • Delete unused apps from your phone. Most of us use a smartphone with a ton of apps installed. A lot of them hardly used. Do some cleaning and uninstall whatever app you don’t use regularly. You can always install anything you need later.
  • Get rid of old clothes. Either donate or sell your old clothes which you haven’t worn for at least 6 months. There’s a good chance that you won’t wear them ever. Plus you’ll have a cleaner wardrobe.
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters. Some newsletters are awesome, most are just marketing emails. Track down these promotional emails and unsubscribe from each one. Your email inbox will be much easier to manage without these junk emails.
  • Cancel recurring subscriptions. Remember that service you subscribed to last year? Nopes? That’s the problem. We tend to subscribe to a lot of services during sales especially to their annual plans. These are easy to forget if you don’t use them regularly. What’s worse is seeing that unknown charge on your credit card because you left the service on auto-renew.
  • Shred those documents. Documents both paper and digital can quickly clutter up your workspace. This not only makes a visual mess but also hampers your productivity by making it difficult to find a specific document amongst the pile of garbage. Shred your outdated paper documents. Permanently delete your digital documents, especially from your Downloads folder.

Tackle each of these tasks one by one and pretty soon you’ll enjoy the beauty of living an organised and minimal life. 😌

Living a zen life

You don’t have to be a hermit or a zen master to follow these steps. Anyone can do it.

Just start. Now.

Thanks for reading this piece. 👍🏻