Yes, unsubscribe from anything that you don’t need.

It can be a free email newsletter or a paid magazine subscription. Subscribing to a plethora of stuff will make your life a mess.

Keep things simple.

I used to subscribe to any free thing that I could get on the internet. Repeat this over a span of

few years and I was left with recurring junk in my inbox.

Finding the emails that really mattered became difficult every day. I had to delete so many emails every single day to keep my inbox clean.

Owning less is better than organizing more. JOSHUA BECKER

Then one day enough was enough. I unsubscribed from all newsletters that I could find sitting in my inbox at that time. After that, I made it a habit.

Every time I see a promotional email that is no longer relevant to me, I hit unsubscribe. I actually went on to fill up a formal form to stop receiving promotional emails from my bank.

Clutter is directly proportional to stress. Clear the clutter, have less stress.


The fewer things you have in front of you, the less you’ll have to stress out. Unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t matter.