What’s the worst thing you can do to someone?

Not valuing their time.

I was at a dental clinic today getting my adult braces done. The appointment was scheduled at 5PM. Hurrying, I got there by 5:03PM. Once I got to the reception, a lady asked me to wait for 5 mins before the procedure starts.

So, I sat down in the lobby waiting to get called for the procedure.

I waited for 5mins. Then 15. Then 30. On the 50th min mark, I finally gave up waiting and headed straight to the reception. Shockingly, the receptionist had completely forgotten about my appointment and had let someone else fill in for me.

I waited there for 50 mins and this happens. I could’ve done something productive, been somewhere else.

Respecting other people’s time is a common courtesy. It should be a core principle of life.

When someone else is trusting you with their time, you gotta respect that. Time is precious.

Neither waste someone else’s time nor let someone else waste yours.

Time is a valuable and limited commodity. Value it, be it yours or someone else’s.