Credit cards are fancy stuff. They let you buy things you want even when you don’t have the money to afford it.

They, however, come with some costs:

  • Interest on the amount spent on late payments
  • Increased greed
  • Added stress

If you’re willing to live with these benefits, then, by all means, keep your credit card intact. Otherwise, just cut it up in two and throw it away.

That’s how you can live a stress-free life.

It’s not wise to spend money that you don’t have. Don’t fall for the tricks employed by the sleazy salesmen highlighting the numerous benefits of having a credit card.

A debit card works just fine and you spend money from your bank account, not from someone else’s pocket that you’ll have to repay.

Make the right choice. Ditch your credit card.

Don’t have one?

You’re on the right track.

Stop spending money that you don’t have by getting rid of your shiny and fancy credit card.