Rahul Chowdhury

Developer, Writer and GIF Lord

Unfortunately, I'm both a fulltime and a freelance Android/iOS Engineer. When I'm not stuck in traffic, I usually read books or write short articles on life. Frankly speaking, most of the time I'm either munching food or binge-watching TV shows with my wife.

Last seen: Annoying people with some poor jokes.


Sep 30

I believe in DIY

If you can't pay up, it's best to DIY.

May 30

What's your idea of having fun?

Fun translates to something different for everyone. What's fun to you?

May 10

Make everything readable

Simplicity always wins.

May 2

When my website stopped “Rendering”

Let's talk a little about today's fiasco.

Apr 21

Trying to make money out of passion

Money and passion goes hand in hand, right? Not exactly.

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