Rahul Chowdhury

Developer, Writer and GIF Lord

Unfortunately, I'm both a fulltime and a freelance Android/iOS Engineer. When I'm not stuck in traffic, I usually read books or write short articles on life. Frankly speaking, most of the time I'm either munching food or binge-watching TV shows with my wife.

Last seen: Annoying people with some poor jokes.


Feb 15

Good things come to those who wait

Might be a cheesy quote but it really works.

Feb 13

Buying the base model

Buying the base model of a product might just be good for you.

Feb 5

Social pressure is real

If you think social pressure is a myth, read on.

Jan 30

Breaking the deadly loop of indecision

Don't be stuck in the hamster wheel. Jump and make progress.

Jan 27

Rushing things down

Don't burn your midnight oil. Keep it preserved for a long life.

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